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What Tarot Card Represents Pisces? (Explained)

Are you a Pisces? Do you want to learn more about your zodiac sign? This is a great chance to learn about its connection with tarot cards, and, specifically, about one card. With this article, we are going to learn more about the card’s meaning, its symbolism, and learn about how to use this card to finally shape our dream life. Let’s see what Tarot Card represents, Pisces.

What Tarot Card represents Pisces?

The Tarot Card representing Pisces is The Moon. The eighteenth card (XVIII) of the Major Arcana set.

How does this Tarot Card represent Pisces?

The Moon tarot card represents Pisces because of the daydreaming and the intuition the people under this sign have.

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The iconography of the card clearly refers to its meaning: there is a sinister and dark atmosphere that is the bearer of deception. If you do not pay due attention you will fall into error, external circumstances are unfavorable, tempting and deceptive.

However, it is possible to pass unscathed, but not without attention and skill. The moonlight hides the pitfalls and dangers of uneven terrain, it will not be easy to find your way around successfully and not fall into error. Someone is deceiving you or is talking behind your back. Unfavorable circumstances, hidden pitfalls, deceptions, deceptive people, enemies disguised as friends

The symbolism behind the card

The eighteenth Major Arcana of the Tarot depicts the Moon with the face of a woman. High in the sky, the Moon releases its influence in the form of drops that fall on a straight path that is lost in the distance between two towers.

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The two towers are the home of man and are directly exposed to cosmic influences. The rays of the Moon are golden and black (dark red in the image), as if to indicate the coexistence of beneficial and evil energies. Below, a dog and a wolf howl in the moonlight. Meanwhile, a crab is hiding under the surface of the waters of a lake that reflect the moon’s rays, waiting for its prey to appear.

At the divination level, the Moon is a warning card and indicates that future events can be subjected to strong external influences. It recalls the presence of deception and suggests caution and danger.

Tarot card’s connection with Pisces

Pisces must express themselves creatively in the external world through art or in the simple secret fantasies of daydreams because in the imagination one experiences the inner world as if it were solid and real. Pisces’ mission is to change the way they look at the world. The mind itself is a primary resource, it is the refuge of the sign, its escape route from the insults and pressures of life, it is a world of wonder and peace, of charm.

A world always available that invites them with open arms. Like no other, the Pisces native can imagine. Other important resources are empathy and kindness. They know how to bend and flow, they adapt easily to changing situations. Understanding others and feeling compassion is easy for them, they identify with the other.

If the images and impressions coming from the deep self-fail to be channeled into creativity and meditation, however, they will be more fatal than a guillotine, they will send Pisces adrift in a kind of absence which, accompanied by their sensitivity, leads to the trap: the Pisces try to escape from the real, objective world to take refuge in the personal, subjective one, with no more intuition, but only to anesthetize themselves.

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Then they will begin to get drunk or develop addiction to tranquilizers or hallucinogens. Or they can fill the mind with books, TV, music, food or sex or sleep. All these activities will be used to stimulate subjectivity to the point that objective reality will be absorbed and erased.

The shadow of the sign is the escape from reality. The sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the god of the oceans and underground rivers. He is an unpredictable god, sometimes a friend of sailors, sometimes strangely an enemy, who raises terrible storms and calls monsters to the surface.

This sign is connected with a boundless and unfathomable realm: no one is as chameleonic as a Pisces, a natural actor, and at the same time so many people that one might start wondering when the real one will appear: but he is indeed all those people.

If a Pisces is about to face a dilemma that requires quick decision and action, they could go into crisis: Much like Libra, Pisces tend to examine every possible alternative very carefully, and each of them will contain some pros and some cons.

How can you choose when every choice is right and wrong? The changing motion of the Pisces resembles the one of the moon and its face and plus, the moon is all about emotions and the emotional hidden side of our soul, the one widely spread in Pisces natives.

How to use the Tarot Card related to Pisces?

You can use this tarot card related to Pisces to find your direction if you feel lost or, if you are in an introspective journey you can definitely use it as a totem to attract more and more awareness and to focus on how you truly feel. Journal about how you feel or use this card to meditate about your emotions. This will do wonders!

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