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The Children Of The Zodiac – The Taurus Child: Creative, Strong & Hardworking

Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus, which gives the Taurus child a love of all things pleasurable. The Taurus child has a pleasant demeanor, even when around strangers. She among many things, loves harmony. This bestows her with a cool exterior, while she may have many thoughts and feelings simmering inside.

The Taurus child does not usually display recklessness or aggressiveness. However, she can go through spells like this if she has pent up emotions and feels like she isn’t allowed to express them.

If a Taurus child cannot express herself at home, she may overcompensate for this outside of the home. If she grows up in a peaceful and loving home, she will project these qualities into the world.

When exerting herself, Taurus child shines when she is around the familiar. This could either be at a familiar place or with familiar people. She tends to absorb tension in her neck and shoulders, and physical and creative outlets are best for her to release that. Massages will also serve as especially helpful to her.

When tension is built up to the point of anger, it occurs when she notices there is a trend in which she doesn’t get her way. The Taurus child is also susceptible to the affects of sound and color, and can change her mood inexplicably. This does not happen often, though.

The Taurus child has a healthy and strong build. She loves food, and she will stick to eating what she gets used to! That being said, make sure to teach her how to balance her diet, and that junk food is a rare indulgence.

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Being an Earth sign, she responds best to changes when they are made slowly and seamlessly. She also responds well to appreciation, so she will feel encouraged to transition smoothly when you show her that you appreciate her flexibility.

However, if Taurus child is about to experience change with something she loves, she will need time to process it so she can think about how to incorporate these changes into her life.

Taurus child needs a lot of time to complete tasks. Her mind may work at any pace, but she needs time to plan things out. When she starts something, she is in it for the long haul and she does not give up easily.

She operates best when in a comfortable environment, as opposed to a stressful one. Because of her inherent love of comfort, Taurus child can seem physically lazy. This is does not have to stay that way, though.

She can be taught to work at a faster pace, for example, if you show her the fastest and most practical way to complete tasks. She likes feeling useful among her family, so you can show her how to multitask chores.

Taurus child does not respond well to authoritative demands or requests without reasons. She cannot be ordered and expected to be obedient – it only makes her more obstinate. Taurus child also cannot be punished by giving her a time out, as she has no issue enjoying her creative mind in silence.

Taurus child thinks she knows what she likes, but sometimes she needs to be pushed out of her comfort zone to see the possibilities in life. In order to get her to do things she is unsure of, she needs to be convinced with reason. She may have a tendency to hoard her belongings, so it would be in her best interest to learn how to throw things out when she no longer uses them.

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However, there are certain belongings she does not tire of, so let her choose a few items that she can keep until ready to dispose of. On the other hand, when Taurus child is pushed to do too much that she does not want to, she can lash out when she becomes an adult.

Taurus has an affinity for music and the arts. Her mind is creative, and her creativity needs an outlet. Because she may not instinctively know where to apply her creativity, she may need a little guidance.

She may respond well to music, singing or instrumental lessons. You may find that she is a natural when it comes to drawing or painting.

When you do find her creative passion, you can use this knowledge to reward her with gifts that will help her further explore her creativity when she has done something worth appreciating. She will embrace these gifts more than another child would embrace his reward of candy or junk food.

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