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Pisces And Psychic Abilities: How To Tap Into Your Psychic Powers

Within the 12 signs in the zodiac, there is a multitude of different personalities, traits, and talents. From the more grounded and materialistic Capricorn to the flighty and adventurous Sagittarius, each sign is different in its own way. Pisces is extraordinary and uniquely brilliant, it possesses a charm and magic that is not otherwise seen in the cosmic chart. Pisces is also said to be the zodiac sign with the most distinctive psychic abilities.

They are the home of spirituality, the dwelling place of the medium who is always in contact with the other side.

The Pisces Personality

Astrologically, Pisces, as well as Cancer and Scorpio, belong to the element of water. Water symbolizes our feelings, impulses, moods, our desires, passions, our dreams and fantasies, everything that concerns our soul.

Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, is remarkably intuitive and has a special kind of magic that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are deeply in touch with the energies of those around them and can tap into their frequencies. As gentle beings, they use their powers in ways that not only help them to understand others but also to give back to those who need it most.

If there is someone in trouble Pisces can sense it. When someone is giving off bad vibes they can pick up on them in a way where others may struggle to do so. They are in touch with their sixth sense and their perception of spiritual energy is heightened to otherworldly levels.

If there is anyone who has a strong connection with Source it is a Pisces. They’re not just in touch with their higher self they embody everything that they are. Their ability to ascend beyond the physical plane and interact with spiritual beings has been recorded throughout history.

There is no one better than a Pisces to take care of a problem. If someone needs a hero to come to their rescue then Pisces will help those in trouble. They are always willing to assist and support people, no matter what the circumstances.

Due to their empathetic nature, they feel what the other person is feeling and this drives them to help people in any way that they can.

Their generosity of heart and amazing temperament is charming. They have childlike energy and a noticeable naivety in the way that they respond to the world. They like to indulge in fanciful thoughts and dreamlike, wishful thinking.

The Influence Of Neptune On Pisces’ Psychic Abilities

As a water sign, Pisces tend to be detached from life in the physical world. They gain their strength from their fantasy and are connected with the planet Neptune. This planet governs extrasensory experiences, psychic visions, and sensitivity to spiritual beings.

As Pisces’ ruling planet, it shares its mystical energy with the zodiac sign, and many people with Pisces placements in their main three, sun, moon, and ascendant, have found that they are able to predict events before they happen.

It is due to the influence of Neptune that Pisces has the psychic qualities that make them so amazing. The planet plays an active role in the development and gifts that Pisces has to offer and combined with the caring and loving nature that they possess, they are able to change the world.

A strong bond with Neptune results in many psychic experiences that shape the way that Pisces are able to interact with others. They can choose to take on the role of a healer and help people to resolve any issues that they may be dealing with and develop their intuition.

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Pisces In Your Birth Chart & Indicators For Psychic Abilities
Moon In Pisces

Having Pisces as a moon sign is another indicator of psychic abilities. The placement of the moon in a birth chart is related to our emotions and the parts of us that are hidden away from the world. The meaning behind having the moon in Pisces is that the person in question will likely have telepathic powers and an ability to feel people’s emotional states. They are visionaries and feel deeply with all of their might.

Uranus In Pisces

When Uranus is in Pisces and it is in a good position to Neptune, it can indicate that the person is spiritually connected to the universe. Uranus is the planet of groundbreaking innovation, change, and surprises.

Pisces in Neptune have incredible gifts and are brought to the world as lightworkers. They have a higher purpose that involves using their psychic abilities for the good of mankind.

Due to their special intuition, guiding information comes to them through sudden insights, visions or dreams. Often they are closer to the subconscious than to the conscious mind.

Neptune Or Pisces In The 12th House

This particular house is related to the invisible realm, it governs everything that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Planetary positions in this house can show the depth and awareness of a person’s psychic abilities. However, to have Neptune or Pisces in the 12th house suggests an even more powerful ability. Those who have this placement in their birth chart are extremely intuitive and are often guided by spirits and entities.

Pisces Ascendant

The third house or the ascendant is how we are portrayed to the world and the way that others see us. Those that have Pisces in this part of their birth chart are seen as mystical and their psychic gifts and talents are obvious for all to see. They are generally regarded as seers and people turn to them when they need support regarding the future.

Sun In Pisces

The sun sign is the ego and a person’s identity and the core part of one’s being. Pisces sun is a good sign that a person is psychic. They put magic and meaning into everything that they do. The Pisces sun is hyper perceptive and aware of the current of the energetic fields of the universe. They are always inspired to do more and become more than their physical being.

Pisces have a natural ability to connect with their inner power. It flows effortlessly through them and is the source of their divinity. However, there are ways that Pisces can enhance and strengthen their psychic gifts. These methods are related to their spiritual attributes and symbolic connections to the universe. When used Pisces will benefit from them in a myriad of ways.

Here are 3 different ways for Pisces to tap into their psychic abilities.

1. Use Your Element: Water

Water is a powerful element that corresponds with the energy of the Pisces. They have a deep connection with it and when they are able to feel the pulsating energy of water they can find that their psychic abilities are even stronger than ever.

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“Like a fish in water” you will feel the invigorating power of this medium – whether you are enjoying a warm tub bath or listening to the sound of a cold waterfall.

The symbol of the Pisces is a fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating the struggle and division that they face from living in the fantasy world and reality.

Some effective water techniques are:

1.1 Meditating In A Body Of Water

Pisces can charge up by placing themselves in moving water and feeling the currents wash away any limitations or energy that is blocking them from tuning into their natural abilities. Meditating and going within while standing or sitting in water is also extremely powerful for Pisces. It is preferable for them to do this in a river or ocean, in safe conditions, depending on what they have access to.

1.2 Setting Intentions With Water

It has long been said that water holds memory and that as one of the five elements it can be used to send wishes out into the universe. Pisces can benefit by focusing their psychic intention over a glass of water before drinking it and allow its magic to work inside of them. This is also an excellent ritual to try while the moon is full and at its most magnificent position in the sky.

1.3 Water And Feng Shui

The art of feng shui has the potential to transform homes and bring positive chi into the environment. It works by placing various elements in certain positions around the house. For Pisces, as they are connected to water they can find that they are able to grow their psychic powers by adding water features or fish tanks to their home. In this ancient Chinese system, it is considered to be a sign of prosperity and abundance.

2. Work With Your Ruling Planet Neptune

As the source of Pisces psychic powers is Neptune it is an important part of their being. By working with the energetic vibrations of this planet, Pisces can interpret their 6th sense with accuracy and work more closely with their intuition.

However, they must be aware of the deceptive nature of this planet as it is known for conjuring illusions and changing perceptions of reality.

The planet spends approximately 6 months direct and another 6 retrograde. When Neptune is direct it is moving at its normal rate, during this period Pisces are more receptive to receiving psychic visions and their gut instincts are razor sharp. They are also able to receive detailed glimpses into alternate universes.

On the other hand, when Neptune is in retrograde Pisces are more disconnected from their spirituality and can become more rooted in their physical existence. This can hinder their psychic development and dilute the potency of their visions. By tapping into the energy of Neptune direct, Pisces are at their most powerful.

Neptune In Pisces

From 2011 to 2026 Neptune is in Pisces. This slow-moving planet spends roughly 14 years in a zodiac sign, give or take, and its qualities are influenced by the traits that that particular sign has. When Neptune is in Pisces the native zodiac sign can experience an undeniable pull toward the unimaginable force of Neptune.

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When a planet transits through its own sign it reaches the height of its power. Therefore Pisces should use this time to focus on their spiritual identity and practice tapping into their psychic gifts. They will find that they are able to easily decipher what someone is feeling and predict events that are happening in the world and more directly in their own lives.

3. Improve Your Psychic Abilities With Pisces Birthstones

Each zodiac sign is associated with certain crystals. These magical gems can enhance the natural abilities of the person’s sign and help to achieve balance and harmony. In order to strengthen their psychic abilities, Pisces can use their birthstones to achieve their goals and transcend to higher levels of spiritual intellect.


This mesmerizing crystal is seen as the official Pisces birthstone. Its reflective and iridescent glow mimics that of water, its beauty is celebrated in many different cultures and is heralded as one of the most powerful crystals for inspiration and tranquility.

Pisces will find that they are able to connect with this stone and use it to help them enter into a meditative state. With this stone, they can use it to peer beyond the veil that cloaks the invisible world. Their telepathic and clairvoyant experiences are sharpened with its use and their chakras become aligned as one.


Magical and mysterious, Labradorite and Pisces are a match made in heaven. It protects the aura and can raise the consciousness of those who use this crystal. It can help Pisces to distinguish what is real and what is an illusion. As Pisces can lose themselves in their dreamlike state, Labradorite can help them to see clearly.

As Labradorite can strengthen intuition it is an idealistic crystal for Pisces to use. It can help them with their psychic talents and make the most of what they have to offer. This stone can also stimulate the imagination and soothe overactive minds. Labradorite is connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.


This beautiful and ethereal crystal is connected to the third eye chakra which is the gateway between the spiritual and physical world. Using this stone can evoke psychic experiences and promote a deep sense of spiritual awareness. Through the third eye chakra, we connect with our intuition and become one with the universe.

Pisces have an incredible relationship with this stone. With the many similarities that they both share they work in harmony with one another. The properties of amethyst are beneficial to Pisces, it can protect them from psychic attacks and elevate them to transformative levels.


The calming and gentle influence of Jasper is perfect for Pisces. Its comforting and nurturing power can help them when they are dealing with other people’s emotional problems. It is also a protective stone that can keep Pisces feeling safe while they explore their spirituality.

This crystal is perfect for helping Pisces ground themselves. As they struggle to find a balance between the material world and the other realm, this stone can help them to achieve the stability that they need. It is connected to the root chakra and can absorb negative energy from the user.

I hope you liked this post about the zodiac sign Pisces and its psychic abilities!

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