Bookworm Hanoi Review

In a recent article, I have reviewed 3 book cafe chains with many establishments scattered throughout Hanoi. In this part 2, I will introduce to you some book cafes, or to be more precise, libraries/bookstores that sell extra drinks, that I have come to read and appreciate. As in the previous post, I have 3 notes:
1. I have not tried all the drinks of the shops, but only ordered basic things like tea or cocoa, so I can’t comment on good or bad food.
2. I hardly go to the WCs of the shops, so I won’t comment on the WC. Anyone who has been in, please add to help me.
3. If after this article you go to any book cafe and find yourself lurking there, don’t say hello again, I don’t turn on the social hiccups when going to the book cafe.
Then, here is a list of 3 unique places (in my opinion) that are very good for those who really like to read:
1. Bookworm Hanoi/First Page Cafe
Address: 44 Pham Hong Thai, Ba Dinh
Advantages: All Western books
Cons: All Western books, close early (7pm)
Bookworm Hanoi is a name that many foreigners or Vietnamese who have a lot of contact with international friends think of when they want to find foreign language books. In the past, when I was in a small alley on Chau Long street, I remember it was just a bookstore called Bookworm Hanoi. Last year or so, when they moved to their current address on Pham Hong Thai street, they officially started selling more seats with drinks and cakes, so they put up a small sign saying First Page Cafe. Because the space is still mainly for books (many mmmm), the number of seats is a bit remote, only suitable for solo guests or small groups of 2-3 people. I’m lazy to climb stairs, so I like the big table on the first floor (ground floor), next to the glass wall displaying books. That table is well-lit, the chair is also very comfortable, each guest sitting here can be distracted because of unexpected events such as suddenly a peddler pops in to ask the employee to “buy the rest for her aabbcc , today is so dull”. About books, I see both brand new, almost new and old types, mostly English story books, quite a few children’s books. The selling price is around 200-300k for a paperback printed in black and white under 300 pages, which is not very high compared to the cover price of some domestic bookmakers that have just appeared recently.
2. Little Li
Address: At the end of the corridor on the 4th floor, stairs 2 of building B, the Ministry of Finance’s dormitory area – No. 1 Le Phung Hieu, Hoan Kiem
Advantage: Its owner is Le Cat Trong Ly
Cons: Owner is Le Cat Trong Ly, closes early (6pm)
This place has only been in operation for about half a year, the location is dangerous, the operating hours are almost office hours, but thanks to the above advantages and disadvantages, it is still full of customers. there’s room. I appreciate it because it claims to be a reading room, not a cafe, ie focusing on quietness and self-discipline, which Vietnamese people are a bit lacking. In terms of space, because the location is a collective apartment, even if there is an opportunity to expand a little balcony and loft / terrace, the capacity is only about 10-12 people, the largest room has foam chairs for reclining. It’s actually not ideal for reading (not to mention the system of bookshelves hanging on the wall right above people’s heads looks horrible), given the way everything is arranged for a sense of solemn care. About books, to be honest, both quantity and quality are not equal to books at home, hehe, but the level of selection is also worthy of the definition of a reading room, suitable for young people with old souls.
3. Blue Bird’s Nest
Address: On Google, it says lane 27 Dang Dung – Ba Dinh but in fact it seems to be lane 19
Advantages: Quiet space, many unique books
Cons: Old furniture feels a bit creaky, or events (talks, workshops) take up all the seats of retail customers.
This shop is known by a lot of people and compliments/criticizes it, so I only mentioned two points that I particularly pay attention to, all about books: One is that the books in the shop are really good, there are many titles that are currently very difficult to find on the market (eg. : poems of some people’s Nhan Nhan Giai or some German philosophical books translated in the South before 1975). Secondly, right next to the entrance, there is a small cabinet for people to bring books to exchange, just take out one book and put it in another (there is a rule to refuse some types of books), there are quite a lot of books in the cabinet. The book is new and worth reading, but not to the extent that all the outdated books are stored as in some other shops that also display book exchange cabinets. In addition, one thing that I both like and dislike about the shop is the cats. Liked because they look well cared for and brave. I don’t like it because the way it is kept in the open space of the dormitory increases the risk of them being caught/lost/accident.
Actually, Hanoi has quite a few book cafes, reading rooms or independent bookstores that serve drinks, I’ve tried most of them but I don’t like them. Hope the coffee shops with books in this article will be useful

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