Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Theresa Eleanor Higgins Clark Conheeney is commonly known as Mary Higgins Clark who was born on Christmas Eve in 1927. She is the second of three children. Nora and Luke – her parents – get married when they are at the age of forty. Her family used to live in the beautiful Bronx on the Pelham Parkway. This is Mary’s favorite place to live, but after her father died, the house had to be sold to another owner.

She is best known for a number of best-selling books in the United States as well as European countries. To date, many of Mary Higgins Clark’s works have continued to be published and read, highlighting Where Are The Children Children’s Books have been published 75 times.

She attended Saint Francis Xavier Grammar School and received a scholarship from the Villa Maria Academy after graduating from Saint Francis Xavier. Here, her writing talents were exposed and encouraged by the principal and teacher, though they were sometimes unhappy with Mary as she spent much of her time composing the lecture. At the age of 16, Mary submitted her first True Confessions debut, but was soon rejected.

Mary’s first job after graduating from high school was as a secretary at Remington-Rand. Here, she quickly received attention by the talent as well as the natural beauty inherent. With writing skills, Mary is in charge of cataloging as well as modeling for company brochures. Although very fond of secretarial work, but from a friend’s suggestion, Mary wishes to try to be a flight attendant. She quickly reached her goal in a successful interview at Pan American Airlines. At the Remington-Rand farewell party, Mary Higgins Clark invited her future husband Warren Clark to attend the party, where he proposed an unorthodox marriage when she announced she would marry Mary. On December 26, 1949, Mary ended her flight attendant career and the marriage proposal came true when she married Warren Clark.

Career and writing style

Mary Higgins Clark sold his first short story at the age of 28. This work received more than 40 refusals before being bought by Chicago Magazine for only $ 100. The first book was also unlucky, this is a book about George Washington, published in 1969 and quickly disappears without attracting readers. But three years later, Mary’s debut work was renamed Mount Vernon Love Story and reprinted by Simon and Schuster, quickly becoming a bestseller.

His first novel, Where Are the Children, was bought by Simon and Schuster for $ 300 in 1974. Up until now, Mary has had more than 50 published novels, with more than 1,000,000 copies. Sold nationwide. Her latest book debuts in December 2014, titled The Cinderella Murder and co-author Alafair Burke. She co-authored six books, including the daughter of Carol Higgins Clark.

Until 2007, Higgins Clark wrote all 24 novels with sales of more than 80 million copies. Most of these novels are on the bestseller list. In 2001, the cover version of On The Street Where You Live was the top-selling New York Times best-seller. Before I Say Good-Bye paperback also reached the same position. Impressed further when her works also made a mark in France, so she was honored at the Grand Prix de Littérateur Policière (1980) and the Deauville Film Festival Literary Award (1999)

Mary Higgins Clark is nicknamed “The Queen of Novels” because she is a master in story building and characters with a unique personality that always pays to read. The image of a strong, self-reliant woman in Mary’s work is always confronted with difficulties and from there they find their strength, courage and intelligence. The problems in Mary’s work are so close, sometimes when she reads her work we can recall our own experiences or reflect that these difficulties can also befall us. Her works do not deal with violence or sex, so her work is perfectly suited for adults and young people 12 and older.

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