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10+ Animals Who Can Pose Better Than a Selfie Queen

You love to take selfies and you want to have a good selfie to post on social media, but you might have to take at least 100 selfies to get a perfect one. The reason is you don’t know how to make yourself look good in a selfie. Therefore, you always look for useful tips to help you to click the perfect selfie. However, there are some animals that can pose better than a selfie queen without any tips. They will make a lot of people wish they were as good at posing as they are.

The art of taking selfies is one of the most hilarious things in the animal kingdom going viral on the Internet. So, we have gathered a collection of 22 adorable animal pictures that will put a smile on your face. Please enjoy and feel free to share your pictures with us!

h/t: Bright Side

#1. This smile will get thousands of likes, we know it!

#2. A wink and a smile are very hard to pull off, but this kitten sure did it!

#3. He wants to know if you like his picture…

#4. When you’re in a happy relationship:

#5. It has a big smile because it knows the camera loves it!

#6. A nice family photo

#7. There’s always that one friend who sticks their tongue out in pictures!

#8. Best buddies posing together

#9. Doug the Pug on vacation in L.A.

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