“Balcony to the sky” by Tomasz Jastrun – Laughter about women

This is a collection of modern short stories, it has a bit crazy style, easy to joke for readers, We will laugh loudly as much as finally tears.

Tomasz Jastrun’s “balcony to the sky” is the sharp cut from life. He uses his eyes to look deep into the midst of urban life, to expose their hidden thoughts in a naked way.

In the story collection, his short stories revolve around the relationship of men and women, two species that exist side by side as destiny, because God created Adam and Eve. The characters of Tomasz Jastrun are mainly called by him, him, her, her, him, her, him … he is one, many people live in the developing capital of Poland.

As a man, Tomasz Jastrun shows great insight into women’s thoughts, thoughts, and desires. In the short story, a dark-haired, medieval-aged woman from a divorced middle-aged woman, immersed in a love affair with a young man she has never met.

Just by the sweet messages of the night, she began to fall in love fantasies and delighted with the thoughts of the young man, though she still could not escape the age-old selfishness. Old age pursues as a ghost, making her a miserable creature in her aspirations, pushing her into embarrassing, shy situations.

With his sharp pen, Tomasz Jastrun created a dark dark area, humiliating the old woman, but illuminates the buried and rarely understood heart of a man. father.

There are writers who write about women’s secretive desire so thoroughly that the women who read it feel frightened because the heart is exposed naked.

At first, in the book of short stories Mistress, writer Janusz Leon Wiśniewski deep into the labyrinth of women’s labyrinth, then took out the most secret for his page, the voice in Here, Tomasz Jastrun seized the worms, dangling on his writing, with a pale, chilly attitude, throwing a delicate, delicate smile at him. Again, it creates a strange sense of empathy.

Talking about the desire of the woman, the widow in the changing picture, is typical of the irrevocable instinctive desire of women.

When the husband loses his life, the wife’s life becomes tasteless, bland, until she sees a change in the picture of the naked man hanging in her living room. The meeting, the conversation with the painter who painted the painting, awakened in her the cold instinct.

Details as she looked down at her belly, feeling something just heat up in her stomach, detailing the mischievousness that the author understands. The resurgence of a woman begins with that ulterior instinctive instinct. A short story is written in a surrealistic way, with many incongruous details, but amazes readers by the way the story is different, and the story’s unique storytelling.

Tomasz Jastrun asserts that women are the ultimate species of desires, but that they hide deeply, until they “catch up” with their men, they become completely different creatures. They take off all fears, to wrap tangerines with your pleasure.

Short Stories Apartment number seven evokes the image of a woman like that. Moreover, this is an especially interesting story, by writing humor, creating unexpected situations, laughing, and delicacy. In particular, in this short story, the face of the crowd is reproduced in a very deep way. The crowd is always a stupid, dangerous, pompous and fake picture.

Tomasz Jastrun’s short story often goes deep into everyday life, with frequent problems, revolving around the love, sexuality and diversity of human beings, revealing enough emotional situations. Human encounter, desire, happiness, solitude, betrayal, anxiety, anxiety, despair, pain.

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