“Wuthering Heights” by EMILY BRONTE – Intense and painful

“Wuthering Heights” is a masterpiece of love, leaving readers with a deep impression of revenge, obsession, passion and loneliness.

The work is about the love affair between Heathclif, the lowly adopted child of Earnshaw and the beautiful lady Catherine Earnshaw. All life Heathclif loves Catherine alone, and love has made him crazy. Only when he died did Heathclif really find peace in his soul, when his grave was buried next to Catherine as long ago.

The story does not end there. Emily made all cold Wuthering Heights brighter with the happy ending between the people who stayed behind.

The love that Catherine (child) “horizontal, but good” for Hareton “mistaken, but good-hearted and good direction” is the love that resolved all the hatred of the previous generation, the green space To be rekindled in a gloomy, chilly atmosphere that paralyzes all the joys of life.

Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” explores the mysterious, deep-seated mystery of the deserted Yorkshire wilderness where she lived for the rest of her brief life.

The silly, silent irons became obsessive not only for Heathclif and Catherine Earnshaw, but also for the readers of “Wuthering Heights.” The wilderness winds from there, stretching in the wild, screaming in the midst of human hatred, passion and dark desires.

Perhaps so, until today, no one can understand the mind of Emily, whose personality is considered pure, gentle. What made you write such a contradictory masterpiece of misfortune and darkness?

For 30 years in the world, Emily Brontë rarely left home. The last time she left her home was probably in 1842 when she was accepted as a tutor at the Patchett Girls’ School at Law Hill, near Halifax, but left home shortly after six months because of homesickness.

Before that, she also left school at Cowan Bridge and Roe Head School because she could not live in a strange place. Finally, she went to live under her roof, and quietly wrote a desperate and passionate masterpiece. Only with “Wuthering Heights”, she entered the list of great writers of the world.

The writer W.Somerset Maugham chose this work as one of the ten novels he considered to be the best in the world. He writes: “Wuthering Heights is not a book for us to talk about, it is a book for us to read … It contains something that very few novelists can give us. at. I have yet to find a novel in which sadness, misery, madness, love of love are miraculously expressed in Wuthering Heights. ”

Emily published the novel “Wuthering Heights” under the pseudonym, Ellis Bell in 1847, the year before her death. The book captivates readers with a passion for darkness. Heathcliff and Catherine are defective characters but passionate about them that shine and have a strange charm.

Although it was born 170 years ago, “Wuthering Heights” has always been a classic novel, and appealing to readers.

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