“The Prostitute’s Daughter” by Juliet Phillip

The image of the little girl Kamada in “The Prostitute’s Daughter” will make you really admire her, because when we live in such circumstances, not many people will be strong enough to rise, even this is just a little girl.

The novelist “The Prostitute’s Daughter” by Juliet Phillip tells the story of Kamada in the journey against the dark world. Under the pen of the author, the Indian girl is full of energy.

With a unique, creative writing style, letting your own self tell your life, sometimes interspersed with introspective monologues that draw readers into the story, can not take your eyes off the page.

Not only that, Juliet Phillip also insert the concept of human life, music, food, traditional culture of India, promises to bring many interesting for readers.

Kamada was born unlike other normal children; she was the daughter of a high-ranking girl who served to wealthy men in Mumbai, India.

Since childhood, she has witnessed her mother “work”, which hurt Kamada’s psychological horrible. She is scared, always looking for ways to get rid of her house, get rid of the streets where she says it is dirty, where the vices of India thrive, where she always felt prison .

Kamada does not know who her father is, her mother – the only one who does not care about her. Little Kamada can only live in her own world with her wonderful friends, there is a prophet parrot. He told her about his dream of escaping from home and the opportunity to continue studying in America.

The words of the parrot like Kamada’s motivations, she planned and prepared herself for the final purpose of her America. In order to realize that dream, she began to study diligently for the GRE certificate, collected all the necessary identification papers and began to pay attention to her finances.

Contrary to expectations, in the eagerness for the escape, the real world is upside down. Kamada’s mother revealed a terrible secret, which shocked her.

Being optimistic, no matter how bad it is, does not make that little girl in despair or stop dreaming of coming to a promised land in her.

In order to “escape” from the cruel reality, Kamada uses his funny imagination, watching the world around with a magical, bright eye. She “magical” out the strange creatures appear anywhere or blow the soul of the fruits at a roadside counter and create the sound for the potholes on the street …

All these events are told by the eloquent voice of the insider, so that readers will see a desire for a new life, better than always exist in the character of the character.

Painful but full of pride, the little girl named Kamada made a strong impression in the reader’s mind about the energy that overcomes the dark life in society.

Like the “matchmaker,” Kamada uses his imagination and creativity to make a matchmaking blow to a lively Mumbai, using his fierce soul to burn down the desires for happiness and the future.

The novel “The Prostitute’s Daughter” does not bring a sense of urgency and conflict, but it offers great human value, suitable for readers ages 13 to 20.

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