The Law of Existence: The adaptation of all environments will last

As we all know, dinosaurs were a species that appeared in the Trias era (231.4 million years ago), a kind of invertebrate animal that dominated the planet during 165, 4 million years and until extinction by a giant meteorite fell to Earth.

In contrast to that drastic dinosaur, there was an insect that appeared during the Carbon Age, about 354 – 295 million years ago, that is, they were animals that appeared before the dinosaurs. Now it has survived and flourished to this day.

“These insects can survive and thrive until now because of their adaptability to all living environments. They can live anywhere such as wardrobe, toilet, shoe cabinet … Even, the head when leaving the body also live independently for several hours! Where cockroaches live.

Certainly you will wonder and ask why these two species are examples. But this example can prove most clearly about the present life, want to exist to adapt to all living environments.

Adrian Toh – Lead Development Specialist from Singapore once said, “It’s not the strong, the smart or the smart, the survivors, but the Who is best adapted to live? Adaptation = Survival / Success “.

To help you get a better understanding of this issue, let’s take a look at what has happened in the markets of watchmakers and telephone companies, the big fight on the market, the winners. And grow to this day people who adapt to the new things of society, grasp the opportunity. And those who were “hegemonic” world must abandon the throne and go in disaster.
A few years ago, in the 70s, can be seen on every store or consumer, major magazines are in favor and talk about Swiss watches a lot. But over time, more modern timepieces have come out as much as electronic watches, which have made Swiss watch watches lose market share, and now account for only 2% of the market.

As for the phone industry, Motorola was No. 1 in the market, but in 1999 Nokia launched a product line called Nokia 3210 has made the market fever with games At that time, the game was “snake hunting”.

Last but not least, these carriers are also in the wrong place, replacing the current position of Apple and Samsung, resulting in grief for Nokia in 2013 to sell itself to Microsoft at a price. Bubbles $ 7.16 billion.

Their failure story is simple. It is adaptability. They do not know how to adapt, get stuck and lose market share. The world is changing a lot. The ability to adapt is a key factor in any business. You can only choose to be Adaptive or Dead, “Adrian said.

Remember, during a media meeting to announce that Nokia will be officially resold to Microsoft, CEO Rajeev Suri from Nokia shared in his choking: “We did nothing wrong, but in some way We have failed. ” All of the staff sitting below quietly stoop and cry.

“He was wrong,” Adrian said.

“He should have said,” We do not do what’s right to die. ” In today’s world, you do not change fast enough to die, not necessarily what you do wrong to die. As long as you stand still, no improvement will lose market share to the recruits. Success story is Adaptation and Change story. ”

Adaptation, Adrian equates to a tall tree in the meadow. In the middle of a vast and empty field, the tree decides to grow fast, grow fast, grow fast … it will break when the wind is big.

“We are like plants, adapted to the environment, because they are adapted to live. The last survivor is the winner, “Adrian said.

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