“A thousand years of dreaming” By Nguyen Ngoc Thuan

There are many who say that only children like to dream, but read Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s work that alongside the children who like to dream is an adult dream, they dream a dream come back.

How far could he write so cool stories like the summer breeze? Is it just a soul, a pair of eyes always know the most beautiful things from small life.

“A thousand years of dreaming” is a long story but can also be read as scattered, or as a long poem. Say no story is not quite, but are very scathing stories are told through the narrative of his character, “poet”.

The story of the sar, the story of the neck gore sad, the story of brother Tí … put in the eyes of her are like a dream. I touched on those stories with the feelings of a child who always lived in dreams, seeking for himself a world full of good dreams.

A good child, a child with a beautiful soul will be brought to good dreams. Dreams like fairy tales, myths … always lead us to happy endings. That’s how the dreaming boy put his belief in happiness. That is the way that Nguyen Ngoc Thuan accent the children.

Literary language of Nguyen Ngoc Thuan is a language that is well formed and is rich in poetry. He writes like paintings, like music. Every little bit from the dream of real life, every child in his work, from “A thousand years of dreaming” to just closed his eyes opened the window, Are extremely poetic.

The boy in “A thousand years of dreaming” is also called “poet guy”, I like to write poetry, like dream, because I think only in the dream, you can be happy. I just want to dream all day, I do not like to play baby games, but I like to dream about dew, stars, and fields. I am a sensitive boy, have a heart heart.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s boy is very much like the little boy in the book of Le Clezio. In that work, Le Clezio directed his pen, vividly reconstructed the image of poor, hard-working children who are often seen as marginalized but always keep their souls. Open freedom, with their poetic dreams and aspirations.

There was a boy who had never seen the sea, but always listened to the sea, there was a shepherd boy who often dreamed of distant stars … These dreams gave them the opportunity to be immersed in the sea. Adventure full of privacy.

Engaging in dreams is also about participating in a beautiful, beautiful adventure, beyond the visuals of the world to be free spirit in the world of dreams, the world is full. Miracles, the world is unknown except me.

Readers are often teary eyes because of the way I treat her sister or the way I stick with the little brother Tí. It is a very good bead that always exists in the soul of a dreamer like you.

“A thousand years of dreaming” is a clear story, like a dew, iridescent and shivering. Not only the joy but the sadness in the book was also written as charming Nguyen Ngoc Thuan.

Writing about the grief of her grandmother Sei look for children, mental chemistry, running through the deserted fields, come to the afflicted Ti brothers have to go to surgery, and the possibility of a child will die, write about The story of burying the rooster … so sad that the author is very romantic dreaming, but also from the poetic that makes the reader heartbreaking. The child story, the dream story that turned out to be the story right here, full and intact.

There are many people say, only children like to dream, but reading Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, we found fluttering next to the children are often dreaming of being a dream adult, dreaming a dream come back. The dream in “A thousand years of dreaming” is just like Doraemon’s time machine that brings adults back to their childhood, immersing themselves in their dreamlike little world.

Although childhood is only a nostalgia, it is still deeply in our hearts. Therefore, “A thousand years of dreaming” is also a return dream of those who have grown up. This year, the work has been reprinted in the fifth edition of selected publications to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Kim Dong Publishing House.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuan is a writer of charms with prizes. Although not much work but his work always brings a strange aftertaste for readers, attracted much love of readers as well as conquered countless literary awards.

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