“A liter of tears” by Kito Aya – Like a message about life

“A liter of tears” is a tearful diary of a persistent battle with a deadly disease through the confusion of the litte girl named “Aya”.

Kito Aya is a high school girl who is as innocent, cheerful and energetic as any other kid. I always enjoy playing with my brothers and sisters in the family. But Aya’s life completely changed when she discovered her degenerative neuropathy also known as Spinocerebellar Atrophy. The disease arises because the cells of the cerebellum are slowly degenerating naturally, making it difficult for the body to move and move. Anyone suffering from this disease will lose control of the body’s actions.

From a cheerful, carefree girl, Aya becomes a little girl with tears and is immersed in the thoughts of her life. Aya sends those thoughts to the pages of the diary and treats it as a battle against disease and demonstrates their spirit: strong and not abandoned. Tears filled with tears, along with Aya’s story, have caused millions of readers around the world to admire and cry. The spirit of Aya has inspired all those living a strong message about life.

Carrying the evil disease, encountered a major obstacle in moving, Aya not worried about the future, about the look scornful, the pity look of people around. For Aya, her future is a narrow one, and it gets narrower every day. The illness prevented Aya from all her dreams and plans, even walking out of the street to go to the bookstore became a burning desire.

Beyond that anxiety is a resilient will to fight the illness and desire of a girl’s intense life. Without a strong will to fight, how can a child be able to withstand any injection deep into the pulp, into the flesh, suffering from headache, nausea under the effects of drug carriers again. She always craves for herself sooner or later, will be integrated into the community, just like everyone will be excited, dancing. Dreams are simple, but maybe very “luxurious with Aya. A hiccup choked, how sadly.

Aya has had a hard time making the choice to continue studying at Higashikou’s old school or enter the School for Disabilities. Aya wants to continue studying at Higashikou because at least that is the school that has been with Aya for a long time, there are friends, there are teachers who always care and help Aya. Everyone helps Aya to have more motivation to continue to fight harder. But because Aya’s illness can not keep pace with schoolwork, Aya also receives a lot of pity, dependence and dependence on the help of so many people.
Aya believes that choosing to continue studying at the School of Disability may be more appropriate for the individual. Because there are people in common with the situation, Aya will no longer be special, not to receive pity look anymore. Aya will get more sympathy, be able to live independently, rely less on dependence on people. But leaving school means that Aya from now on will have a life separate from people, with the community or not?

Overcoming all the pain was a strong will to refuse to succumb to Aya’s illness. Aya has never been alone and has never been alone in coping with illness. She always receives the attention, encouragement, support and help from everyone especially her mother. She always comforted. “Do not think I’m unlucky. You will be happier knowing that there are more miserable people in the world than you, “encourages.” I did not choose to be sick. There are many things that you can do even if you have a disability. If you do not have the ability to think, you will not feel the kindness, the warmth that humans have, these are the things that you recognize when you get sick. ” What a wonderful mother. She is always the strongest support for Aya, giving her strength. Teachers, friends, doctors, or sisters, aunts, etc., all give Aya special attention.

Pure language, simple, rustic, but enough to penetrate into the reader’s mind, creating hard emotions. With “A liter of tears”, the author has brought many experiences about life: limited time know the truth, always live optimistic, trust, love, hope and continuous effort.

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