“The Rules of Attraction” by Bret Easton Ellis – The dark side of the moon

When we are young in the redundancy of matter, is it deep in our minds that we feel real happiness or is it just an empty, lifeless life?

Bret Easton Ellis was born in 1964, and is one of the most famous and influential authors of contemporary American literature. His works are translated into many languages ​​in the world.

In addition to some of Bret Easton Ellis’s works such as American Psycho, As Without It, “The Rules of Attraction” … not only garnered much success in the literature but also made a big impact when it was adapted into a movie.

But writing about youth, “The Rules of Attraction” may be the most hidden hit in the heart of the reader. The book is both humorous and desperate for art students living in the excesses of American material while at the height of prosperity.

Most prominent at that time was Lauren, Sean, Paul all three are students of a private school for rich children. They shared the same point that they never cared about studying, all three of which were partying, wine and stimulants.

In each person’s mind, there is no such thing as a plan for the future, the norm for the present, they live almost to let go of their lives.

Lauren, she has a habit of replacing her boyfriend whenever she changes school. Sean, who is always partying constantly, sank in wine. He always just realized he really love Lauren but can overnight with a lot of girls. About Paul, this man has a very complicated life, dating Lauren, pretty boys and he likes Sean.

All three students are entangled in a strange, troubled triangle of love and of course it will not go anywhere but only bring pain, empty right in their lives.

“The Rules of Attraction” begins with a hollow sentence and ends in the same way. Bret Easton Ellis does not give the reader a compelling novel like the others. In this book he wants to show us a straight cut of the present life.

With the voice of the uncle, hidden deep in it is the lonely and passionate, hurt the spirit of privacy … All turned the story is no longer on the page that is full with live breathing The action of the characters make readers immersive in that world. And from the lives of the characters in the story, you can also find yourself somewhere in the book.

It can be said that the novel “The Rules of Attraction” is an interesting story, written by Bret Easton Ellis not only towards young readers in the 1980s, but also for all young people. world.

From the moments when we first came into life, the experiences of life, the way to find a place for ourselves … until the breakdown, the hopelessness of letting people go or drop Yourself into the void of your life.

Then where are the young people in that situation, where are they going, what awaits the three students in front and whether Lauren, Sean, Paul can find a place for themselves … All will be. Bret Easton Ellis answers in “The Rules of Attraction”.

If your answers are not the answer you are comfortable with, then the reader will not let go, surely the book will bring more value than you need.

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