“Nos sararations” by David Foenkinos

In love stories, separation and reunion with a number of reasons will make us understand and sympathize more together. But if we do not overcome that challenge, we will lose each other forever.

It can be said that author David Foenkinos is very versatile, he has reaped many awards on his career path. He is fascinated with writing novels, David Foenkin’s writings are always bold and charming, but equally humorous. In addition to writing books, he also wrote screenplays and comic books.

If you were a fan of Parisian love story by veteran writer David Foenkinos then to the next spirit children named “Nos sararations”, readers will still find the novel, unique, with voice Humorous humor makes us immersed in that world.

“Nos séparations”, the story tells of a strange love between jade leaf lady pearl Alice and Fritz guy child hippy house.

From the beginning, David Foenkinos deliberately put two people have nothing in common to test their love. Alice is known to be a German student, while Fritz has graduated from a wide range of disciplines ranging from art history to atomic physics.

They are like two parallel lines, running until they both appear at a party with their friends and love between Alice, Fritz started blossoming from here.

Because the Alice family is a family so honorable and she just fell in love quietly, waiting for Fritz was accepted into editorial dictionary at Larousse publishers Alice dare to take him back to debut.

But contrary to Alice’s thoughts, her parents are not satisfied with him. In the face of the situation, Fritz chose to respond to the disdain of future music. He made Alice’s dad a shocking dilemma by revealing the circumstances of the encounter between himself and his young daughter at the exchange of sex partners.

After that debut, Fritz and Alice decided to break up, although their minds still remained in their minds.

To forget the truth, forget about the girl he chose to bury his head in work and move forward with Celine, the human resources manager of the company to fill the void in his lap. When they both live in misery, Alice’s sister Lise decides to go to Fritz to help him and she heal together.

A reunion is arranged as the coincidence between Fritz and Alice takes place and love is back in the heart with a new beginning and increasingly attached, more salty than before. They decided to go to marriage in the blessing of the two parties.
As a girl, everyone desires to get a husband who always loves him well. Illustration.
But life does not know before the word suspect. On the day of the wedding, the man Fritz used to fill the void in his heart suddenly appeared. Céline breaks the joy of being blessed by Fritz and Alice after many attempts to pull off her lover. And again Fritz, Alice left far apart.

After so many years apart, Alice decides to marry, and Fritz also marries a female writer. But the marriage with many contradictions made Fritz realize that he had not forgotten the old man.

A new opportunity unfolds for him when Alice encounters major incidents in his life. Her sister Lise died, Alice suddenly contacted him. They come back together as a spiritual refuge and in the meantime, Fritz asked Alice to come back to him.

Will Alice’s love for her make her abandon her husband over the years to take care of her, sacrificing her and his wife to come to him, together make a simple dream in the old age they once thought ” At night we will put two sets of dentures in the same cup, the teeth will be happy together.

Certainly the answer in “Nos sararations” will not make you read disappointed.

Folding the book, it can be said that author David Foenkinos has brought you many laughter but it also makes you have to pause, pondered forever.

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