“Chocolate Run” by Dorothy Koomson – Testing for the love

“The Chocolate Run” is a book that helps you understand that running away may be the safest solution yet you will never know the feeling of doing something completely.
“The Chocolate Run” is not a fairy tale, the main female meets the male lead and falls in love with each other, there is struggle, torn in thought for a while to come together.

The author has built the characters are real, good, defective, nobody perfect, they can make big mistakes because not overcome their own fears as well.

The female lead is Amber, who has nothing special but a strange taste for chocolate. Whether happy or sad, tense, tired or confused, excited, she still eat chocolate. She even had the pleasure of sniffing chocolate in the supermarket and imagining its flavor.

One such girl was Greg Walterson, a major player. It was the man who made the girl so passionate, pursued and also can not remember how many nights she has been with girls. In particular, he is the one who always has troubles for Amber because of his nefarious relationships.

Over the course of many lives, he realized he had feelings for the girl with nothing special. On Amber’s side, she also loved him but did not have the courage to go through his infamous past. Is the contrast between a good girl and a genuine player making them unable to come together?

In the story, the creator sketches Amber as a man who seeks to flee all the most important things in life. Because she was hurt at a very young age. The little girl had witnessed her mother picking things up to escape her broken marriage. Later, her father also fled without leaving traces as never appear.

Since then, she always left before they left because she was afraid of being abandoned by others. So also, Amber has become a fugitive himself. She hurt herself by disappearing, giving up or not daring to experience what could be really great if she grasped the other side of the pain.

Sometimes, you read your image in the story, because we have run away in the journey of life. By running away is always much easier than touching and feeling. Sometimes you do not dare to love because of fear of betrayal, do not dare to try to fly high for fear of falling to the ground, dared not say fear of rejection …

Having finished reading the book, we realize that running away is never the answer to everything. Running away helps keep you safe in the moment, but you never know what it feels like to be doing something perfect. We “accept the pain and see how everything can sparkle when you look at it from the other side” as Amber’s advice to her.

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