“Brooklyn girl” (Guillaume Musso) – The Capture in memory!

In life, surely everyone has kept their secrets. And the secret that made us the most surprise, sometimes from the road that we believe in all love.

If Marc Levy was dubbed the “Prince of Romantic Fiction”, Guillaume Musso has created a foothold in the hearts of critically acclaimed novelists. Inside the passionate love story of the writer from Antibes always hide the secret that we are curious not resist.

The main character in the novels of Guillaume Musso, who is flushed in the yeast intoxicated by love, accidentally become the detective reluctantly. With the art of setting up the situation to the level of skill, the Frenchman of French literature has never disappointed his readers. “Brooklyn girl” is Guillaume Musso’s latest translated into many languages, again demonstrating this.

It all began when the writer of detective novel Raphaël Barthélémy decided to marry her beautiful physician Anna Backer. Before finding the true love of his life, the writer encountered a painful failure in the affair. Talented girlfriend Natalie decided to choose a career, leaving Raphaël and her son only a few months old Théo.

When deciding to marry Anna, Raphaël made a deal: there would be no secret between the two. But his fiancée has too much to hide. In addition to Anna’s parents who died of labor accidents and cancer, Raphaël did not know anything about the man he was about to marry.

Accidentally saw the photo of three black bodies in Anna’s iPad, Raphaël decided to inquire to the end and asked her to tell all the secrets of the past. Anna left immediately after a heated argument with fiance. Raphaël arrives at her apartment in Paris hoping to find an explanation but Anna seems to have evaporated from the ground. Surprisingly, he accidentally found the $ 400,000 amount hidden in the house.

From a detective story writer, Raphaël Barthélémy decides to become a real detective to investigate the fate of his fiancé. Fortunately, there is always a good side to him, the retired police officer Marc Caradec.

Surprisingly, the name Anna Backer, which Raphaël Barthélémy has long used to call a fiancé turned out to be just a fake name. Her real name is Claire Carlyle. She was born and raised in the United States, nine years ago to France by way of illegal immigration. Raphaël notices unexpected or resentment, discovering his fiancé is carrying his blood drops.

More dangerous, Claire Carlyle did not deliberately leave, she was abducted. Raphaël decided to visit the United States to investigate. He discovered that: at the age of 14, Claire was abducted and imprisoned by the crazy criminal Kieffer. She was fortunate to escape, but three other victims died in the house as the kidnapped hell.

After Claire was kidnapped for only a few months, her mother, Joyce Carlyle, was found dead at her home due to overdose, while relatives claimed she had successfully abstained several years ago. Around the death of Joyce Carlyle has a lot of mystery. Those who determined to re-investigate her case were troubled, some paid the price of life.

As investigated, Raphaël more and more shocked about the secret is gradually shining in the sun. It is not only Claire Carlyle, but even his trusted associate, Marc Caradec, has an unbelievable story with Raphaël. What to do to find out the truth when the person you trust the most also becomes suspicious. What happens to the present is the weakest of a painful and painful past.

Not only the love and the thrilling, exciting case that made the reader startled, “Brooklyn girl” is a touching story of fatherhood. The love bound by the new blood is the most intense. Like love, fatherhood sometimes makes people blind. Just lose the reason, in a minute the angel will turn into evil.

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