The story of climbing 80 stories of 2 brothers and its lession in life.

In your life, have you ever regretted the moments of your own efforts in your youth, or have you ever wondered when your dreams and aspirations are still there? unfinished? I would like to tell you the following short story, and we will contemplate it …

There are two siblings who have houses on the 80th floor of an apartment block.

One day, they traveled back and discovered that the whole apartment was cut off. At that time, they all carry heavy backpack on the back, but apart from the stairs they have absolutely no choice.

They tried very hard to carry two backpackers up to the 20th floor. Both were tired so they agreed to put two backpacks here, when there was electricity, take the elevator down. After that, the two continued to walk, because there were no backpacks so they felt much more comfortable.

The two of them just laughed and said happily. When they reached the 40th floor, they really could not stand anymore, so they sat down and gasped. Thinking of going to 40 more floors, the two brothers began to criticize each other for persistence to the point of falling into this irony.

After a rest, the two continue the journey, but they are both fighting and so tired. Up to the 60th floor, no more fighting, they silent, clambered forward in the long way ahead.

Finally, through hard, two brothers also home. Leo’s 80 floors is not easy at all. However, they are not happy to have completed the goal to find out the truth left: the key to stay in the backpack rack on the 20th floor …

This story is very simple, but it reflects the truth about human life. Before the age of 20, we always live in the pressure of expectations of parents and teachers, then their capacity is limited, personality is not mature enough, so every step is not stable. .

After the age of 20, we are shake off the pressure that weighs down so long, devote all passion to pursue passion and desire, 20 years youth passed quickly and so fun.

When we are 40 years old, we will feel the youth who have left us and feel remorse, regret the things that have not yet been done, so we start resent this thing, blame that … So, the next 20 years quickly drifted away.

By the time we are 60 years old, we know that the rest of our time is not much, we know ourselves not to complain, to nostalgic things, and to cherish every day is passing by, silently walking steps Last of life.

Until the last years, we suddenly realize that many unfinished wishes and painful realization that their dreams and enthusiasm are all at the age of 20 then lost …

Time is not waiting for anyone, that is the inevitable rule of life. So, instead of being reproved or nostalgic for what’s over, we should have a positive outlook on what’s ahead. Cherish every moment that life has given, living a meaningful life, that is the goal that each person should set for themselves.

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