The sadness of life that we will meet when growing up

We can not grow up in life without anything sad or difficult. Growing up, means that we must face a lot of sadness that even want to avoid but it’s impossible.

There are people who do not want to treat each other well and sincerely. So at some stage in my life, I was convinced by my friend who turned his back, betrayed.

In addition to family, perhaps everyone has their own one or more close friends, friends. Those are the people that we think are not going to stand on their side no matter what happens. We trust that person extremely, all the fun stories in life tell the person.

We think that the relationship between you and that person will even last forever, even silently thank you for the fate of bringing your life to such a person. Until we face the difficult things in life, many people are misunderstood and alienated, that person disappears and is not by our side as we think. When we actively contact for the sake of consolation, he refuses and says he does not want to meet us anymore. Then he stands against me, leaving me alone and suffering from the feeling of being turned down by my close friend and betrayed.

Maybe that person is leaving us without any reason, or the reasons he gives us are extremely cliché. And then I realized that this friendship turned out to be the time to end. All the beliefs that I have always had for them, finally become something useless and meaningless.

We have always sought to have some intimate friends who will live by our side, always trusting and giving us the advice and comfort that we need. Even if the world is against me, that person will never leave me. But big, we realize how difficult it is to find such a person like this.

Friendship can break, love is the same. Love is a sad story.

Loving and being loved is a feeling of happiness, but breaking up is always a sad affair. The sentiment we have for love is even more intense than anything else in life. Choosing a person to love, I have always hoped that he and he can forever be together. But what happens when it’s appropriate it will definitely come.

Feeling no longer, love will naturally break down no matter how much we try to hold on to. As time goes by, every emotion can appear, either we continue to love each other vigorously, or we are so depressed after anger, arguments do not go anywhere, and pain More than that, the other person fell in love with another person and had to say goodbye to him.

In love there are many things that can happen in both good or bad. Because we have treated too well with our love, so when it breaks our heart will suffer and hurt a lot.

Then, when trying to find a stable position in life, we face the helplessness of being unable to find a soulful job.

We still can not find when we see our friends in turn find a job, some others still self-employed and own the job itself. The feeling of unemployment is really scary, it always makes us worry and fear about our own future.
We can not find a job, we feel helpless, struggling, do not know what to do, where to go, with whom. We do not have the money, we can not afford to live our lives, we live with our bare hands and we feel scared when we can not find a way to survive this life.

We continue to be a burden to the family even if our parents say okay. It is a feeling of failure and we fall, completely collapse. And as time goes by, we still live like a useless person with an indefinite life. This is a very scary and difficult feeling, so breathless and sometimes just wanting to disappear instantly in this life.

Then, we realize that as we grow up, there are more and more people we can leave our lives.

When we were young, we were carefree and irrational with the thought that man was immortal and no one was separated from anyone. When our grandfather or grandmother died the day we were young, we were not aware enough to realize how distracting it really was. We just sad, cry, then believe in what the adults say: They just sleep a long sleep because they are too tired with this life already. When they are exhausted, they will wake up again and come to us.

We never thought that death was important, a person who died meant that they were just looking for a peaceful sleep for themselves. But sad that we grow older, our loved ones are gone and knowing that from now on we will not be able to meet or talk to him is a sad affair.

When we grow up, our grandparents and parents are getting older and their days away from home are getting closer and closer. Then it will be time to mature enough to realize that the death of a loved one is inherently a painful affair. When they have fallen asleep one last of their lives has experienced so many waves, they will never wake up again, nor can we meet or talk with them one day. Far away

We grow up with the fear that our loved ones have long loved it and it is time to say goodbye to them. At some unexpected moment, they might as well leave, or when we are prepared to wait for that sad day, they will leave. As time goes by, each person’s age keeps increasing but never decreases or stops a bit. So growing up means we have to endure the pain of knowing that our loved ones are about to die, and when they are really dead.

Growing up is really a difficult period when the sadness of life turns to find me and knock on the door. Facing it would be difficult and suffering, but then we will become stronger and continue to make our own decisions.

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