Serious truths about life that people do not dare to admit

Ignore the fact that most people are struggling to avoid harsh realities in order to create a sense of happiness and ability to work more effectively.

Here are 7 uncomfortable things that people hard to accept but completely true.

Material and appearance are really important
There is a fact that good things tend to happen to people who look bright. One reader frankly commented: “We have not recognized it for a long time, but an attractive person has many advantages over those who are completely unattractive or less attractive.” .

Looking more deeply, more research shows that attractive people who make more money often make the other person feel they are more intelligent and trustworthy than the rest.

No one really selfless
One reader writes: “The only difference between a selfless person and a selfish person lies in the intensity that they pursue in order to gain personal benefit for themselves.”

Even the Indian philosopher Chanakya did not hesitate to point out that even the most intimate relationships were created just to serve our own needs. There are always some personal interests behind relationships. This is a very real truth “.

There is nothing called intimacy
Soumadeep Mazumdar says that personal illusions are truly great, but the fact is that no one is truly unique and unique in this world.

“You may think that you are the only one who can do something extraordinary. However, the truth is that there are hundreds, even thousands, of people in the world who have similar talents. ”

Therefore, Mazumdar said that pursuing someone, seeking true love, the only one and the soul in life is a silly act. “There are millions of people who meet the standards you give no matter how perfect you are. If you have an affair (in your own mind), it’s just because you happen to find one of these people in the vast sea of ​​people. ”

Life is very precious
The fact is, whoever is finally dead and death can come at any time. Everyone believes in this, but there are a lot of people trying to ignore it and ignore the fact that life is fragile and we need to cherish it. ”

No one knows exactly what you are doing
If you are wondering what you really want in life, there is one truth that can comfort you that not all, but most people are in this state.
This even happens to both successful and capable people who control everything.

“The truth is that even the people you admire will have the same anxiety as you. Success will come more easily when you tell yourself that those who have achieved great results have doubts about what they will do, encounter terrible failure, even worry and think that they are not enough good”.

Success does not come suddenly in one night
“Most of the success goes through a long process of effort, that’s the truth.”

While many people are eager to find the fastest way to solve every problem in life to achieve results, the fact is, even if you work hard today, it will take months, even months. For many years, you will get results.

Even hard work is not the key to ensuring your future success. It also depends on many other factors.

“Life is full of hindrances, to succeed, to work hard is not enough.”

The world is full of suffering
At any one time, there are people being tortured, imprisoned, raped or homeless who are living day after day without lunch. This is a difficult reality to accept, especially for those who are enjoying prosperity and peace.

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