Life is like a door…

Yes, It’s truth that life is like the door, there are people optimistic when inside, someone happy to stand outside. Actually, there are a lot of things that do not know how good the new is, just you think worthwhile is the best …

1. Four suffering of human life

One is uninformed: Do not see yourself lost in the vicious cycle, not see his wound after every fight, not see the quiet place behind the bustling crowded, is a Big suffering of human life.

Two nostalgic: Nostalgic virtue in the past, nostalgia things do not arrive to where ever done, nostalgic glory, the triumphant applause. Living in nostalgia, life will be tormented.

Three is unable to stand up after failure: Life has never failed, but if failure fails again, can not stand up, the rest of life is probably only the only complaint.

Four can not throw away: Do not let go of people and things have gone away, not throw away the guilt of sin in the past will be like carrying a rock on the long journey, so miserable, tired .

You already understand, so do you want to change?

2. A lifetime, not as good as the dream, nor as bad as in the imagination.

Behind each person there is pain, there is suffering can not say in words.

Everybody walks their way. Just remember:

When cold, wear a coat for yourself;
When hungry buy a cake;
When pain give yourself a little resilience;
When you fail, set yourself a goal, get upset after falling, be yourself.
3. Do not take your standards to set requirements for others, nor should you wear colored glasses to look at others.

Because everyone has their own interests, personalities, as well as their own values. Things you do not see eye to eye, not certain is not good.

The explanation of happiness has thousands of thousands, the concept of happiness of each person is not the same. The greatest happiness of life is to be able to be yourself.

Believe yourself, follow the call of your soul, no fiction set goals beyond your ability, not blindly compete, you are the happiest.

No pure gold, no flawless person, because not flawless is the most authentic.
4. Happiness is a little bit by little, is done day by day. Do not hurt people who love you, nor hurt your loved one.

A good person, but if they do not wish to travel with you for the rest of their life, then they are the only visitors.

A person with many shortcomings, but can always cede you, take care of you, lifelong intention to your side, that is your happiness.

Everybody wants to find a perfect cross, but everyone has a defect. Love is to give up, to be honest with each other, to live together.

Having a person who can make you happy all your life is the goal of life.

5. When things that we own and our attachments become a kind of “weapon” hurts, letting go is the best solution for life.

You can know how much suffering you have, who knows how much hurt. If the tears do not stay on the face, no one knows how cold it is, the pain is not on the body can not know how painful it.

You can see the tears in the corners of the eyes, the scar on the body but not necessarily understand the grief and traumas in the soul.

Take a walk before you shed tears, leaving behind a resilient silhouette, you will feel the soul relieved on the next journey of your life.

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