4 books help you regain balance life again

Life is inherently not spread the carpet of roses, sometimes we have to face the challenges, thorny. In times when it seems too daunting and can not overcome the difficulties ahead, retreat and read these 4 books, which will help you regain balance in life.

1. I want life as I want

The book is written from the beliefs of most young people. The difference is that the author, who has overcome the difficulties and self up to his own peak.
Young people always have the same problem: they start to step away from their parents, decide their own lives and do not know where the real position is for them. If you have chosen a career as your family and then regret? If you are tired of lessons that do not suit you or say no to the work of the majority of the crowd? If you have experienced the feeling of difference and just know you make friends with Facebook, kill time with the stuff. And if you have some good ideas but are scared, shaky. So come to the book I want life as I want by Varun Agarwal.

Varun Agarwal is a young investor and filmmaker, author of books. He was born in 1987 and grew up in Bangalore, India. He studied engineering and graduated with little success. But even from his days as a student, Varun Agarwal started making his own short films. Then he founded Alma Mater and then two companies called Reticular and Last Minute Films. Varun Agarwal’s Last Minute Films performs many music videos successfully. In addition, Varun Agarwal also released two of the best-selling books of the year, about the way to success. And Varun Agarwal became one of the most prominent young entrepreneurs in India. But first of all, he used to be an unattractive young man.

The book I wanted the life I wanted, first of all not a dogmatic self-help book, but a very humorous, reflective memoir. Varun Agarwal has experienced youth as many of us. He studied the industry he did not want, feeling the future of life is not going anywhere. The pressure from family, relatives and society made him want to let go of everything. But the pastimes of time-consuming things still can not make Varun Agarwal forget the present reality. All of us, probably experienced unpleasant experiences like Varun Agarwal.

Although not as prominent in the eyes of others, Varun Agarwal is not like the crowd. While others let go of their destiny, Varun Agarwal knew exactly what he wanted to do and began to make the determination to make that wish. The pressure of society, of prejudice, of the mass movement is still the same. But Varun Agarwal has a solid belief from his mother, a good deal with his colleagues and great clients.
In a funny way, Varun Agarwal sometimes makes the reader laugh out of his sense of humor. But through that laughter, is the way that a successful young person actually passes.

2. The defining decade

20-year-olds of freedom, desire to find new things, meetings, interesting discoveries; 30 – ages of work, marriage and family life. That is the concept commonly seen in many young people today. And so, throughout the years of age 20, you are engrossed in fun, explored without any direction for work and life later. 30 years old – you suddenly look back and feel confused about everything. You have not got anything in your hand – a career, a fortune and a family of your own. Now you are in a hurry to find a job, love and marry a man whose affection is not deep, accumulation to get near the end of life to make enough money to make a home – a life in a hurry, Orientation for the future. At this point, you look back, regret and say to yourself: “What did I do? What did I think at that time? “,” I really wanted to change what I thought and did at the age of 20. ”
Age 20 – The decisive year in your life is a spiritual guide for young people in their 20s to overcome the misconception that “we can do anything,” ” We have a lot of time “, or” to 30 years old then get married, buy a buffalo, build a house “.

The book is divided into three parts: work, love, brain and body. In each section, you will experience specific situations, the ways of thinking of people in their 20s. In the “Work” section, you will find that work in the 20s is almost The most productive career you will ever have. You will understand why these early relationships can have such a powerful impact on your career or how important your capital accumulation is to help you find better and better jobs. later. In the “Love” section, you will understand why emotional choices in your 20s are probably more important than your work choices. You will have interesting discoveries about cohabiting that are not necessarily the right decision for the two getting married, or whether you can completely choose your own family for yourself, The default misconception is that “you can not choose your own family but can only choose friends.” In the “Brain and Body” section, you will understand how your brain continues to grow in your 20s still shaping you into an adult, as well as your body at this stage. Beginning in the most lush plastic years. What you learn and experience in your 20s will be tied to your brain and this is the best time to adjust your mind, change the way you think and react to things. Things, things.

The message throughout this book is to start living your life and take responsibility for it now. Do not believe in the lies that your 20s are the age of freedom and daydreaming, everything will be peaceful. A meaningless job and random connection will not bring the necessary conditions to build your reputation, establish what you care about or remember in the future.

Please do not waste the best years of your life to make meaningless things. So if you are still in this age, start preparing to cultivate and nurture the shortcomings and experience needed right now. If you have gone through this period, please help those who are and will be in this stage to be oriented towards “disturbed” interspersed with disturbing information and embarrassment to choose and move on. Because of these things will have a great influence on your career, marriage and happiness later on – people in their 20s.

3. Ignore Everyone

“This book will hit you in the butt and push you beyond the threshold of usual sluggishness and inherent stagnation,” said Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of Alltop.com and author of Reality Check.
“Hugh Macleod has come up with delusions and sometimes ruthlessness – profound humor and succinct irony. If you need a failure experience, this is the shortest way to get it. “- Mark O’Donnell, co-author of Hairspray.

“When I say butter is a living thing, it does not mean butter all the time, all the time, and forever. No critique of people plays a very important role. Of course. Rather, in the beginning, the better the idea, the more “ridiculous” the other person, including those you love and respect. So at first there will be a time when you have to work alone, not to have a tenth of the supporters. This is completely normal and you need to anticipate it. ”

Hugh Macleod is an artist who specializes in advertising design and caricature. He founded the blog gapingvoid.com in 2001, posting both his caricatures and articles. He created a caricature on the back of a business card, ready to draw at any time, as soon as the idea appeared. In 2004, he wrote Ignore Everybody on the blog – a combination of caricature and practical instructions on the secret of motivating creativity, has been downloaded millions of times by readers.

With 40 parts, in fact, 40 concise, concise chapters, combining comics and humor, but meaningful, the book is the answer to the constantly-asked questions. At the beginning of our work:

How can new ideas emerge in this skeptical and risk-averse world?

How to inspire?

How to determine the boundary between what is readily available and what is not …

4. Live At Home

Being a cadre of dynamic youth union, enthusiastic student and later a successful businessman in society, Nguyen Tuan Quynh brought the experience he had, the failure he has experienced. And also the precious lessons in life, the beautiful countries that he once set foot in, etc … gathered into a booklet with the title, also his motto live “live in the active ». He understands that for young people, the first steps in life’s journey always bring many challenges and also very hard, because the knowledge is learned in school and in fact very different. Desire to share experience, guide young people are fumbled on the way to start a career and desire to find the purpose of life of his life, the author has sent love family, life and share An entrepreneur’s perspective in the economy still has many opportunities for everyone!

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