Understanding other people is smart, but understanding yourself is wise!

Lao Tzu said, “Understanding other people is smart, understanding yourself is really wise. Controling others is the power, controlling yourself is the true power. “

Happy couples often understand each other very well. A mother would understand her son. A dedicated teacher will understand your students. Mutual understanding will help us to excel to meet our needs, heal all wounds, help and move forward.

Often in life, we tend to give greater love to those who understand us more. We can judge and fulfill the needs of others even if they are not demanding. However, sometimes we fail to understand and meet our own needs.

How to understand yourself
To have a successful life, you first need to know what makes you feel attached, what you love or hate, what your fear is and why you are ready to overcome that fear. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to understand, accept, and love you.

Ask yourself: “Are I choosing a career or a job?” For most of us, the answer will be a combination of both dimensions. But let’s think about it: If starting at zero, would you still choose what you’re doing? Or will you turn in a completely different direction?

Frankly, many people have learned life-depth lessons from seemingly unrelated things. Maybe someday going down the road and seeing the biker boy falling down and then standing up, you would ask: “What will I do when I can not fail anymore, I dare to get up Like the child? ”

Do you think of swimming across the English Channel? Or join the program to fly into space? Become a project owner of a startup? Write a novel? Now, try to imagine as if you are doing what you want. Do you find the soul relaxed and satisfied? Do you love the job enough to devote most of your time and effort to perfect it?

If the answer is “yes”, but you still do not have the opportunity to do the job you love, then it is very likely that the fear of failure is causing you to falter. You do not understand yourself and do not dare to overcome your fear.

Steve Jobs once said, even though young, it is very likely that today will be our last day. So do something so that when this day comes, we can still turn our heads to look at life proudly, that “this is the life of my own hands.”

Every day in his life devoted to his work, Steve Jobs always looked in the mirror and asked himself: “If today is the last day to live, do you still want to do what you are doing?

“Ask yourself this question every day, if there are too many” no “answers for days in a row, I know I will need to change something,” Jobs shares.

And he kept his word. When he worked at Apple, followed by NeXT, then Pixar, and finally Apple, he always answered “yes” to the question. This spirit has always existed in him for decades of dedication to Apple, even during two years to fight pancreatic cancer. He remained committed to work, even until the day before his death.

If you know only one day, a month, a year to live, will you still stick to what you are doing now? Are you really satisfied with the way you live? If the answer is no, do you dare to change? If yes, how would you change?

Life is not easy but knowing who you are will definitely help you get closer to success and passion, as Steve Jobs did with Apple.

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