“The Thief” by Nakamura Fuminori – Humanity still exists

The book is about the life of a robbery boy who lives alone, turning his back on the human world. But hidden deep in that person love is always sobbing.

Probably for those who are familiar with the novel noir (black novel) will not be far away with the name Nakamura Fuminori. Stepping into Japanese literature, he has received numerous awards including Shincho for “Ju”, “Noma Award for New Writer” with Shako, “Akutagawa” for Tsuchi. No Naka No Kodomo, Oe Kenzaburo with “The Thief” …

With “The Thief”, he has made a big hit in the lovers of black novels. The best proof is that the work has sold over 250,000 copies in Japan and has been translated into 12 languages.

The work is about a boy named Nishimura, who lives in Tokyo with his natural baggage. Nishimura practiced so skillfully that he could pocket both hands.

In particular, what makes readers curious about this guy is how to behave and think. He himself can handle anything of the people around him but turns his back on the real world. Nishimura chose to live alone.

In the depths of my mind, there is always the thought that one’s life is like a dead person, no relatives, no friends, nothing.

Fate brings, a great event has come in the life of the guy has this natural baggage. He was approached by a Yazuka boss, who asked Nishimura to do three things: stealing a man’s cell phone; Grab a small object with a man’s fingerprint attached to some of his hair and finally swap out a file that a man always carries with him for at least 2 days after the owner. I found out that my belongings were stolen.

If you fall short, you will have the opportunity to live on this life. On the contrary, the failure he will have to die. And during the mission that Nishimura intends to flee, the two new mothers he will not know will not preserve life.

In the process of performing the three required tasks, Nishimura solipses a gradual sense of how his destiny lies in the hands of others and controlled by others.

Since then, he began to think about his own destiny, this is the first time in his life, he is not afraid of death as he feels he is thirsty and really desires to continue to live.

When the first two missions were picked up by genius, the last mission, the burden began to crush his shoulders. Fate 2 mother and child girl that Nishimura new acquaintance is in his hands, between life and death, light suddenly shines on the life of the practice of pickpockets.

“If you want to do evil, you must not forget goodness. Seeing the girl who writhes in pain, only laughs when she is bored. You have to see her poorly, so pitiful, to imagine her pain, to her parents raised her, just small tears of sympathy, just as her pain. That moment will be extremely wonderful. ”

The end of “The thief” was the author of Nakamura Fuminori handsome, he let the main character trapped between the two choices. It can be said that this work is not for readers always preferred the traditional detective novels, this is a story full of intelligence, convincing, above all it makes you understand, appreciate your life and those around.

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