“Half of a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – The agony of a land

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie brought an intelligent, hopeful and compassionate work to Biafra’s painful history in her novel Half of a Yellow Sun.

To capture the story of this novel, you first need to know about the Biafra place. This is a separatist state of eastern Nigeria, lasting only three years, and its name has become a global slogan in the war on famine.

The novel “Half of a yellow sun” focuses on the story of two sisters, Olanna and Kainene, the eldest children. They must struggle with loyalty to disappointment and betrayal.

Back in the UK, the twin sisters Olanna and Keinene with two opposite characters followed two different paths. Keinene succeeds his father – a prominent tycoon of northern Nigeria, and begins his affair with Richard, a passionate scholar of the Igbo arts and culture. And Olanna moved to live with his Odenigbo “revolutionary lover”, who found absolute harmony in mind and direction.

Olanna is an exemplary old woman, loving husband and child, loving the maid, getting along with her neighbors and friends, obeying her parents, pampering her twin sister. Is a rich girl driving her own car, was Hausa boy named Mohammed fell in love but Olanna rejected this love to choose a poor teacher love to revolution.

The war made her life so poor and lacking that she did not even eat porridge with dried fish (a dish that Olanna had witnessed at Olanna’s neighbor’s house when Olanna visited him) . Olanna and Odenigbo’s love is a very normal love.

Meanwhile, Keinene is typical of modern woman, strong personality, fierce. She has a love affair with Richard, but she always wondered, she considers the importance of career, and always show the bravery before the wind of life.

The novel is told through the interlocking views of three characters: Ugwu, a 13-year-old country boy, uneducated, superstitious, idiotic, idolizing his boss and mistress, Odenigbo and Olanna. Ugwu smart, studious, the protection and love of the couple Odenigbo – Olanna. I also love my family as my own family.
Olanna, a Biafra upper-class woman, has given up her beautiful life to live with her lover, the poor professor, Odenigbo; And Richard, an English journalist, received funding to write a Nigerian novel.

Life pushes the three main characters to Nsukka, in southern Nigeria, which has become the center of civil war in the country.

Adichie deepened this political conflict, creating economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the different peoples of Nigeria, and then shone the heavy consequences of Emotional and psychological damage to each character. At the same time portrayed a distant land, buckling in love that brilliant and passionate.

This is a transcendental novel with sharp issues, which highlights the brutal effects of war on farmers and intellectuals, is a historical lesson in fictitious form, which is Write strongly, full, flowing.

Nigerian literature seems to be quite familiar to you. It will be an exciting opportunity for us to get to know and understand the history of Nigerian country of the black continent. Surely you will be completely fascinated by the vivid details of this book with the context of Biafra civil war.

War and the consequences of war such as death, destruction, hunger … everywhere in the world have the same. The pain of the Biafra War brings to every Nigerian a deep, compassionate, racial, religious and class discrimination.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is now considered to be the best Nigerian young Nigerian writer since the million-selling “Half of a yellow sun” novels around the world and was awarded the Orange Literature Prize. England.

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