“Carol” by Patricia Highsmith – Love must be cherished

America in the 1950s, everyone in society is still a lot of harsh and prejudiced views with homosexuality, the novel “Carol” was born which made many people are surprised.

Because, “Carol” is a special love story between two women. A realistic and romantic love story between Therese Belivet, a cashier dreaming as a stage designer, and “Carol,” a wealthy woman preparing to divorce her husband.

Two women of different backgrounds and personality are also opposites in society. Therese is naive, dreamy and self-centered while “Carol” is experienced and determined. Therese brushes every day to take care of life and “Carol” is always fashionable and chic. Perhaps, their only common point is the same deadlock in their own love story.

“Carol” is about to break up with her wealthy husband, always seeking to hinder her relationships with the hope she will return to him and her cute little daughter. Therese, who had been with Richard for a long time, painfully realizes that “She still does not love him, and probably will never love him, despite the fact that she likes him more than anyone else. You know, definitely love more than any man she used to be. “

Perhaps the same spirit in the soul that made them sympathize with each other from the first meeting in the shopping center where Therese work. And “Therese knows that her feelings for” Carol “are almost the same as love … It’s not a crazy feeling, but it sure is full of happiness.”

Two women gently step into each other’s lives as intimate friends. But gradually, the expectations, the remembrances, the hopes and despair helped Therese realize that “… I fell in love. It is a love that does not need explanation, no need to explain, and no need to worry, it came to her naturally as it should.

Ignoring the stereotypes and rigor of society, “Carol” and Therese bravely acknowledge and fight for their own love. Perhaps so, “Carol” has gone against the sad ending in contemporary contemporaries and has given hope to lesbian couples.

Up until 1952, “Carol” is still considered one of the classic novels on the subject and made into a film. In addition to the expectations, after the completion, the film has brought to the director and team many prestigious awards.

Do not up close, do not make me shine like many works with the same theme, “Carol” gentle, deep and full of humanity. Is this the simplest and most effective way for people to have a better view of homosexual love?

As society is gradually becoming more sympathetic to homosexuals and homosexuals, “Carol” will be like a special gift to the gay community around the world with the message “Whatever you are Homosexual or heterosexual, you still deserve to be cherished and get love. When finding true love, all difficulties become meaningless … “

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