“Baiser de cinéma” by Eric Fottorino – The drift of memory

This is a book that contains two intertwined love stories, Gilles Hector’s love affair with cinema, and a love affair with a married woman named Mayliss.

The two love stories are told in the tone of the narrative smell, mesmerizing, like the style of American love movies in the 60s and 70s of the century. It’s reminiscent of the romantic memories of an early age.

The two stories are also told in the interplay of light and shadow, between white and black, the two colors of early cinema until the color film appears, with all the names entered. The subconscious of anyone who loves cinema in general, and the “new wave” of France in particular.

A journey into the past, where a lawyer is constantly watching the old movies of Truffaut, Claude Trabrol, Eric Rohmer … to find a face can be his mother, and also in the region He also loves the dark, Mayliss, a married woman, thief, lust, passionate but tormented, fearful, confused and jealous.

The blinding and blurry light of the memory envelopes the book, causing the reader to feel the sense of suffocation by such a personal journey. But it is also the memory that makes up the color that appeals to all of us. Everyone has their own story, the story of a journey into the mind.

“Baiser de cinema” is a nostalgic, nostalgic reminder of the past, the lost love, and the seemingly never existed, complicated complexity. My character has to chase after a ghost, and then meet another ghost, is his secret lover.

The first half of the book is a bit boring, but the second half is the flow of brilliant memories, wrapped in a world where it is like the black and white film of Truffaut, where the character does not say anything, just stood still That, for the audience to go straight into the flow of the character’s thoughts. With a constant stream of consciousness between the present and the past, the author blurs the boundaries of conventional narrative. Follow Gilles Hector’s journey, sometimes startled, we are not sure whether we are moving forward or more and more immersed in the story of our memories.

It’s really a book that sucks love, and it makes it easy for our hearts to fall into love. Love is clearly expressed in the work when the construction of the scene is full of sharp, especially Eric Fottorino has created bright corners ambiguous picture, easy to make readers demented.

A book that seeks to peel away the loneliness of the individual in the heart of the city in a very mellow and very loving way. That was the touch of a man who was very relaxed with life, looking at the light of the fears of Eric Fottorino. And the book, will also give readers the true “quality” movie titles, though they are just names. But sometimes, we just need names like that to start an interesting story, as the name Patrick Modiano mentioned in his novel “Keeping me from getting lost in the neighborhood” is a good example. .

“Baiser de cinema” is the eighth book by Eric Fottorino, published in 2007, won the Femina Literary Prize.

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