“Stop Letting Them Get to You” (Mari Tamagawa) – Live on your dream!

Is there a possibility for any book that makes you feel like you are being strengthened? It dare to stand up to tear off the labels that the people implicitly assign?

What is your youth? Is it to live and do what I like? For the right to be defeated, the right to have fun, the right to be sad, the right to life comfortably throughout the years.

Or do you always pay attention to the criticism, judgment, force yourself to live under a standard framework constraints. Then life is not very tedious and tasteless too?

“Stop Letting Them Get to You” is the book will help your soul to be gentle and relaxed. And then you will feel a change is changing very strongly in your thinking.
Like a lush green garden daily, each method that the book sends will bring hope, carry positive energies, get in deep inside, help you break the Ugly coyote

Your life goes through a lot of tunnels. On each tunnel, all the criticisms, judgments, including whether you do it wrong or wrong, will still find what they are saying, to satisfy your life and contribute to the downfall of the weak. But you are the only one holding the torch to cross the dark line. Strength is really the weapon that makes you surprise.
Then you will recognize the views of others that will only give you distractions, sorrows, and more and more pressing you.

You will know it turns out to lament, shouting to others just make things even worse. You are guided emotion and stay still, the damage is so raised up.

“Stop Letting Them Get to You” like a salmon crossing the waterfall, go straight to the corner you fear, avoid. Stay focused on the runway, do not care about the surrounding details, rush into reality, face the negative to train the spirit of consistency. And even then, whoever builds the road, you can easily pass it. Ignore the galaxy and live your dream

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