“The Scortas’ Sun” by Laurent Gaudé

This book is an excellent literary work with the perfect masterpiece of the French writer Laurent Gaudé.

“The Scortas’ Sun” writes about the lineage formed from one of the most despicable sins. It was Luciano Mascalzone – who, when mentioned, spat on the ground known as “head thief robbery” – after 15 years, returned to the village of Montepuccio. There, he meets Filomena and is obsessed with this noble, honorable girl. After the time in jail for guilty, the duct was only a pleasure of revenge, desperate to rob the girl.

Then he met, satisfied, pleased to accept that when the road, people recognize him, then kill him the most brutal. But the bitter truth gave him just before his death that the woman was not Filomena but her sister, Immaculat. The Mascalzone began from there, from a mistake, a misconception, from a man drowned with crime and from a woman who accepted the lie in a casual way.

Immaculate had a son and she named it Rocco Scorta Mascalzone. A name full of pride and arrogance. Rocco was guarded by his father, Giorgio Zampanelli, against the evil thoughts of the villagers. He grew up in a neighboring fishing village, so that when he grew up, he planted horror in Gargano.

The blood flowing from his father is flowing in his veins making him a true bandit. Thanks to the robbery assets, Rocco became the richest man in the area and had a huge property. He asked Giorgio’s father to marry a girl who was both deaf and deaf.

The marriage took place amid rumors that he did so only to satisfy himself and marry that girl just because she could not betray herself. After the marriage, because of Giorgio’s father, Rocco did not loot and play crazy in Montepuccio.

The family tree of the Scorta family continues with Rocco’s three children, Domenico, Giuseppe and Carmela. Like their father, the children were rejected by the villagers, and no one was playing with him except Raffaele. This also made Raffaele gradually not accepted by his family.

As life goes on, Rocco feels no longer alive in the world. He had an underground covenant with the church. He would dedicate all his possessions by closing his eyes, turning all his wives into beggars and living miserably.

But anyone in the Scorta family had to be held in a solemn funeral, like a prince who frightened Montepuccio villagers. That covenant ingrained into the roots of thought, turned into a symbol, a traditional ritual of the village.

Armed with misery, Domenico, Giuseppe and Carmela chose to cross the sea, escape to America to get rich. Children of less than eighteen years of enthusiasm, with a determination to change lives, but they are unaware of the front of many storms are waiting …

With “The Scortas’ Sun,” author Laurent Gaudé speaks of a family of individuals with the fate of the cursed, but throughout the story is a divine family affair. The three Scorta brothers went back to work with Raffaele and dug up her mother herself from the public tomb, to honor her body in a separate grave. Regardless of that it is a libel action.

Raffaele is willing to give up everything to bring them Scorta, living with the three brothers Domenico, Giuseppe and Carmela as a family. He has done things contrary to morals, because too much love, too much love Scorta family. The paradox is that these cursed bears a clearer spirit and good nature than ever before.

Laurent Gaudé gave the Scorta family an ugly shell, which gave rise to the spirit of labor, the freedom of the individual. Rocco broke the curse over the heads of his children by donating all the possessions. Forcing the children to grow up early, rolls out to earn money to cover life.

The spirit continued through the generations after Domenico, Giuseppe and Carmela set up a cigarette shop in Montepuccio. They do not follow the path of their father’s cruelty, ready to sweat and work hard to do the right thing. French writers have clearly expressed their views throughout the whole work, “nothing more precious than labor, labor is glorious”

Laurent Gaudé believes that eternity is embodied in literal, literary language. Reading the book, one sees a desire for happiness, the obsession that escapes from the family’s shame, the suffering of repressed love … all do not appear clear, but Persistent, clinging from generation to generation.

“The Scortas’ Sun” is a great literary work, sure of the whole, so perfect to receive any more introductions and compliments. At the same time this is a work with a lot of charm with the author Laurent Gaudé.

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