Nelly Sachs – A Jewish poet

Nelly Sachs (December 10, 1891 – May 12, 1970) was a German poet who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1966.

Nelly Sachs, a German-born German poet, is a wealthy Jewish child, a childhood favorite of music, literature and dance who dreamed of becoming a professional ballet dancer, 18-year-old Nelly Sachs. Poetry about nature. In 1940, Germany conquered Europe and terrorized the Jews, Nelly Sachs fled to Sweden and continued his literary career.

The first poetry after her war In the house of death published in East Germany in 1946, then the book of Blurring the stars, No one knows what is going to happen … Nelly Sachs poetry brings the idea of ​​multiplying It is often said about the suffering and hope of the Thai people, influenced by Jewish tradition and German mysticism. Since the war she has written several plays, but her most famous work is Hiding and Changing (1959). She was awarded the Anetta von Droste Hulsoff Award, the Dortmund government created an annual literary award named Nelly Sachs and granted her a lifetime pension. In 1965, Nelly Sachs received the Peace Prize from the West German Book Publishers and Publishers Association.

The Nobel Prize in Literature she received with other Jewish writer Shmuel Agnon Nelly Sachs for lyrical and dramatic works reflecting the tragic fate of the Jewish people. N. Sachs’s rhyming, rich, and memorable poems are a modern, mystical example, symbolizing the great sense of Jewish enlightenment that sees life as death, And vice versa.

Nelly Sachs was awarded several prizes, including the 1965 German Book Business Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize she received along with other Jewish writer Shmuel Yosef Agnon. Nelly Sachs died in Stockholm.

Featured Articles:

  • In den Wohnungen des Todes (1946), poetry.
  • Stern ver dunkelung (1949), poetry.
  • Und niemand weiss weiter (1957), poetry.
  • Fluch und Verwandlung (1959), poetry.
  • Eli: Ein Mysterienspiel v Leiden Israels (1951), drama.
  • Zeichen im Sand (1962), drama

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