Some of the books are good foundation for ourselves

With the endless essence and long-lasting value that has spilled over the years, the following nine books will follow throughout your life!

Communication skills: How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People is the book offers tips on how to behave, behave and communicate with people to achieve success in life. Nearly 80 years since its inception, How to Win Friends and Influence People has been the bed-wetting book of many generations who want to improve themselves to reach a good and successful life.

Governance – Economy: Flat World

We are familiar with literary works in literature and art, but “The Flat World,” in my opinion, is a classic 21st century work in the field of economics, politics and the movement of the world. . This is not a book of world history but a monumental work on the world in the 21st century, the century of digital technology boom and globalization. The author has flattened the world by ignoring the boundaries of culture, religion and so on, to talk about a world with common issues, opportunities and challenges of nations, of the whole world. . From there, countries, businesses, organizations and individuals can see their own opportunities and challenges.

Religion – Spirituality: Journey to the East

The Journey to the East opens a new horizon to the East and meets, so that the Wisdom of Wisdom will meet, so that the Ancient Ages will be interwoven, so that Heaven and Earth can be one. The world, therefore, has become more harmonious, wider, more marvelous and, therefore, more humane.

Psychology – Behavior: Non-intellect

Through the book, the reader will have a clearer view of systematic irrational behaviors. Hence it is possible to adjust his irrational behavior more reasonably. The author intends, at first, to write a scientific paper on these investigations. But he thought, if you write an article, few people read. Only other scholars. Therefore, he decided to write a light and interesting book. To be able to bring this knowledge to a large readers.

Parenting: Extremely Tolerated Infinite Love

Educating your children is a subject, an art that everyone must study. Tragic for the parents in the galaxy, if not learn how to properly raise children, will certainly take the consequences of scary and despicable. “I want to learn that parents do not teach” is as tragic as “I want to raise, but no parent”. So how do parents need to teach children in a scientific way? It is a question and also a big issue that is closely related to a person’s success or failure and to the well-being or degradation of a whole people.

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