10 novels we should read before 30 years old

People often say, “Tell me what you read, I will guess who you are.” Each book you read, you love, you choose reflects part of the way of thinking and views. Live your life. True readers are the ones who choose to be good books to help themselves grow more complete.

Here are 10 titles that you should definitely read at least once in your life.

1. “The miserable” by Vitor Hugo:

“The miserable” of French writer Vitor Hugo is considered to be the greatest literary work, translated into many languages ​​and adapted into dozens of film works. Opera, ballet …
The novel is the story of French society in the more than 20 years of the early 19th century from the time Napoleon I ascended and a few decades later. The main character of the book is John Vangieng a former prisoner of conspiracy seeking to redeem the fault caused the youth.

The noble life of John Vang Băng, the loving kindness and the generosity of Bishop Mirlen, the maternal spiritual motherhood of Ph? Tin … created a vivid picture of the work and vibrated the heart of the poison. Fake how many generations.

Read “The miserable” not only to understand the fate of ordinary people, but also to discover the “jewel” hidden in the depths of hearts longing for freedom and love.

2. “No Family” by Hector Malot:

The most famous novel by French poet Hector Malot, No family has been translated into many languages ​​and reprinted many times.

“No Family” refers to a baby without parent, abandoned, abandoned and have to follow the vicissitudes of vinyl employed. I was with the circus triumvirate across England and then I was jailed in England. Last but not least, I was lucky to find my mother and my sister.

The adventures of the Romans attracted the hearts of all and became especially familiar to the children of France. The spirit of self-reliance, self-confidence, sense of endure hardship and self-transcendence are lessons learned from the book. Besides, it also helps people to be aware of the meaning of true friendship, love between people and deep gratitude.

3. “For Whom’s The Bell toll” by Ernest Miller Hemingway:

The novel about Robert Jordan, a young American soldier of the International Brigade, participated in anti-Fascist activities during the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway’s “Soul Ring” is derived from the poet John Donne’s Meditation XVII.
In the war, a constant fear, it is death. People think of death everyday, hours, minutes, seconds because they have no control over their lives. It is from that fear that they are most aware of the value of life and fight hard for the cause.
The book is not only an epic version of the heroic struggle of the Spanish people, a noble international spirit but also a song about love.

4. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain:

The novel tells the story of Tom Sawyer living in a poor Mississippi river village with his friend Huckleberry Finn.
Tom Sawyer is intelligent, mischievous, well-groomed and well-educated but truant and likes to play mischief. When Tom and Huck discover a robbery murder, Tom bravely stands up to testify, arresting the murderer to pay for the crime and save the wronged person.

The work emphasizes the bravery, the kindness of the rich, the innocence and the richness of youth.

5. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain:

After “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, Huckleberry Finn was welcomed by Douglas widow. But with his fondness for freedom, unbearable for his mundane schooling, he fled with Jim – a black slave.
His adventures occur many bad jokes and dangerous jokes. From this journey, he has identified the purpose of life, know the difference between right and wrong and keep the heart pure.

Rescued by Jim from his employer, Huck suffered a tug of heart between honesty, humanity and a conscience distorted by his education and the education of the church. Finally, the true nature of humanity, the true humanity has won. This is a costly detail of the novel.

The book is eloquent proof that the good will win over the rules, ridiculous rules, press people.

6. “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy

A collection of epic novels that reflect the real and vital moments of Russian society, the period of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte leading the way to Tsar Alexander I. It not only reflects A historical period of Russia but also a heroic epic, which provokes the pride, patriotism and solidarity of the Russian people.
The characters in the live, true, through many emotional supply: hope, ambition, satisfaction, pain … From the real emotion, the beauty of Russian soul is clearly depicted. . Russia is a multi-racial, multi-lingual and diverse nation, but national pride and solidarity has helped them win the invaders.

7. Edmondo De Amicis’ Noble Soul:

The “noble soul” is written in the form of Enrico’s diary, a 10-year-old student. Small stories, in chronological order throughout the third grade of Enrico. The world of children seems to be very clear but in fact there are constantly bumps, problems like in the world of adults.
However, after the collisions they are more mature. Patriotism, sincerity, kindness sparkle in every little thing, small. The book has won the hearts of many generations from all over the world. To arouse the kindness from the simple things is the meaning of this booklet.

Colleen McCullough’s “Birds in the thorn grove”:

Birds singing in thorny plum tells the love story “forbidden immortality” of Father Ralph and Meggie. Their affair right from the beginning was presumably impossible together. Meggie even married Luke O’Neil – a man with a look like Ralph, just to bury his desperate love.
But in the end, the two still can not beat their hearts. They plunge into love with all purity, burning, passionate and sincere. The tug of love with morality and social class further highlights the beauty of true love, full of passion.

Ralph and Meggie’s love affair is a “great pain” that blends reality and romance into every reader.

9. “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell

The story in the novel is set in Georgia and Atlanta. The work revolves around Scarlett O’Hara, a feminine South of personality. She must find ways to survive the war and overcome difficult life in postwar.
Love, love, energy and dreams of winning adversity are values ​​that are highlighted in the book. These same values ​​bring the eternal vitality of the work.

10. Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering heights”:

The novel is about the love of Catherine and Heathcliff. The love of two wild and fierce as the land they live. After all the tragedy, the jealousy, the distressing pain but finally they are buried together.
This love story obsesses all readers. But readers can not resist but want to read the book again by the wild love of two attractive characters and by the author’s literary art.

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