Dan Brown – something you may not known

The most prominent writer of the time is Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code. In the list of the most influential figures in the world by Forbes magazine, he ranked 12th. The prints of his works have to say are huge. Da Vinci Code alone has sold about 25 million copies and has been translated into 44 languages.

Dan Brown was born on June 22, 1964 in the city of Exceter New-Hamshir. His father was a math teacher, his mother was a performer. His wife, Blite, specializes in art history and at the same time as a painter.

The couple have two children. In 1995, the two co-wrote the book “187 Men to Stay Away: A Guidebook for Women Who Are Down for Private Life.” Nowadays, Blite often travels with her husband to places where he needs to collect materials to write books.

Back in high school, Brown did not read the “commercial” novels that fascinated classical literature. But in 1994, a turning point occurred in his life. He was on vacation in the Hawaiian Islands and here he found a book that had been uprooted. That was Sidney Sheldon’s Last Judgment Conspiracy.

Later, he recalled, “I read the first page … the next page … In one hour I read the book and thought,” Well, I can write like that too! ”

After returning to his vacation, he sat down at his desk and devoted his first novel, Digital Fortress. This book was published in 1996 but not as well known as he had hoped.

Next, he in turn published the book Angel and the devil then The point of lies. By 2003, Da Vinci Code appeared. In the New York Times Top 10 Bestseller list, the Da Vinci Code stood at a record time of 123 weeks, more than two years!

The Da Vinci Code is about the investigation surrounding the mysterious death of a Louvre Museum employee as well as around the shocking findings of the cryptographer Robert Langdon on the truths hidden in the Leonardo Da Vinci’s work.

The book also depicts the Opus Dei as a pagan congregation that once held true power in the Vatican and caused many assassinations. The heart of the book, however, is the idea that for centuries the Vatican has concealed a harsh reality that Jesus had his own child with Mary Magdalene and that the blood of the Lord still exists today.

For this reason, the Vatican strongly condemned the Da Vinci Code as a deliberate attempt to slander the Roman Church with unjustified lies and perjures.

According to Forbes magazine, Brown is the world’s best-selling author. Only last year he made $ 76 million and pushed writer Joan Rowling (Harry Potter) to number two with $ 59 million.

After the publication of Da Vinci Code, Brown was wildly admired. He was rushed to the signatures, asking him to sign anything he had on hand.

Once, he signed up a whole toilette scroll! Once again, he arrived at the airport to find that he forgot his passport. Luckily, a passenger in line with him brought with him the Da Vinci Code printed on his cover. And at the checkpoint, he just held up the book and was allowed to board the plane.

Despite his popularity, he is now living a secluded life. He refuses all interviews and meetings with readers. He devoted himself to writing new novels.

He usually works until 4am. In front of him was the hourglass: he stood up for a few hours in the gym (he said, “To blood – and even thought – not stagnate”).

** Brown and art

Among Brown’s favorite books, first of all is Steinbeck’s book About the Mice and Humans, Shakespeare’s Hollow Voices, Encryption, Encryption, Secret, and Secret Methods. Another by Fred Rikson, The Game of Letters: Ways of Showing Double Signs and Reflections on John Langdon’s Twins.

This last book must have inspired Brown to write the Da Vinci Code. In addition, Brown’s favorite films are Walt Disney’s Imaginative Fantasy, The Beautiful Life of Robert Bennini, and Roméo and Juliette by Jeffirelli.

** His Job

Brown’s next novel, entitled Solomon’s Key. This can be seen as a direct sequel to the Da Vinci Code (action taken at the end of the action in Da Vinci Code).

The protagonist remains Robert Langdon’s cryptographer. But this time Brown left for Jesus and Italian painting was quiet: he moved Langdon’s activities to America to investigate the mysterious history of the city of Washington. As expected, the Key of Solomon will launch readers later this year.

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